Important Questions To Ask Your Potential Property Manager.

  1. Are you the sole property manager who will lease and manage my property?

 2. How many properties do you personally manage?

 3.How many properties does your agency manage?

 4.How many property managers work at the agency?

 5. How many tenants on your rent roll are currently in arrears and what action do you take if a tenant is behind?

 6. What happens if my property needs urgent maintenance?

 7. What happens if my property needs general maintenance?

 8. How often do you carry out routine inspections? Am I able to attend?

 9. What methods would you use to market my property for lease and attract good quality tenants?

 10. How do you screen potential tenants?

 11. What is the full cost of management? Including all fees and charges that may or may not come up during the tenancy?

 12. Do you feel I need to make any improvements or repairs on my property before advertising the property for lease?

 13. What is your estimate of the weekly rent achievable on my property?

 14. Why is your property management service different to the other agents?

 15. How long does it take to find a suitable tenant for my property?