How To Choose The Right Tenant For Your Investment?

One of the most stressful aspects of owning a rental property is deciding which tenant to approve.

It is normal to worry about which tenant to choose. Are they the right person? Will they look after the place? Will they pay their rent on time? What have they been like in the past? Yes you can call their references and ask questions, but are those references genuine? Or are they friends of the potential tenant posing as a landlord? Do their current agents just want to get them out?

Here At All About Rentals we endeavour to take the stress out of choosing the right tenant and will give you guidance to who we believe is going to be well suited to your property.

From the moment we meet a prospective tenant we are already working out if they are suitable for your investment.

Once the prospective tenant completes an application form, we process their application and conduct reference checks including – employment, personal, rental, wage checks and we also do a public record search through the National Tenancy Database . This website allows us to check if the applicant has been blacklisted, if they are a bad payer, bankrupt or a bad tenant.

Once all of these checks are completed, it will give us both peace of mind that we are choosing the right tenant for your property.